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Include ads in your feed
If you're using the Connected Web feed format, just follow the specification of the Advertising body element. We currently don't support targets and semantic_hide parameters.

If you're using an RSS or Atom feed, you must include your ads using an image tag and setting its role parameter equal to advertising, as shown in the following example: <img src="" role="advertising"/>
Then wrap your ad-image tag with an a tag and set its href parameter to the web page that the add must show, its role parameter equal to advertising and its type parameter equal to one of the supported ads type (see here for more):
<a href="" role="advertising" target="_blank"><img src="" role="advertising"/></a>

If the user is using a FlashBeing's app, the link will be opened using the embedded in-app browser, else it will be opened in a new tab of the browser.
Dynamic ads
When an user interacts with a content, for example when he/she saves it for later, a persistent copy of the content will be created. This means that if you update on future contents the ads links and banners, changes wont be applyed. To avoid this, you can use dynamic links which will remain the same on contents but will rdirect to a different location and include a different image banner when new ads are available.

For istance, if the link to your add is, you can include in your content the following link which will automatically rdirect to
You can do the same with images: which will rdirect to
We currently do not share any kind of information about the user who's requesting a content, for this reason currently profiling can ony be defined using:
  • the topic of your website
  • the kind of topics which matters for your users
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