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FlashBeing fetches and aggregates data from RSS 1.0 and 2.0 Feeds, Atom Feeds, Connected Web Feeds or third party APIs.

Each time an user requests a source (RSS Feed, Atom...), FlashBeing will sync it in real time. Dispite our competitors, we don't pre-cache any data, except when a source receives too much hits in a short period of time. In that case we cache its data from 1 minute up to 1 hour.

During the sync process, before delivering data to the end user, we parse and cleanup every bit of it. We remove potentialy dangerous and battery draining code, like iframes and scripts, and serve all images resized by our CDN according to the client's device resolution.

Understand FlashBeing's traffic
We fetch all feeds and websites using the following user agent:
FlashBeing/VERSION (+; Were "VERSION" is the FlashBeing's version number used to fetch the data.

Because we sync a source each time an user requests it, it's normal to recieve a lot of traffic from FlashBeing. This helps you to understand and mesure the real traffic your source has. FlashBeing can be imagined as a new kind of browser, which synchronizes a source (website) each time an user requests it, but between the original source data and the output, there are FlashBeing's servers which optimize all infromation and media assets to be delivered in the best way to the end user.

If you would like to always cache your data for a short period of time, in order to reduce traffic to your server, please contact us at
Common architecture's FAQs
How can I remove my source form FlashBeing?
You can simply make its feed (RSS, Atom, Connected Web) unavailable by configuring it to serve a 403, 404, 410, or other error status message to our user agent.
Does FlashBeing cache or store my contents?
We cache/store your contents only in two situations:

1) When your source recieves too much traffic in a short period of time: in this case we cache temporarily, for a short period of time, the entire feed in order to reduce the number of hits to your server.

1) When an user Saves for Later, Collects, Comments, Highlights or Shares content of your source: in this case we store a single copy of your content in our servers, in order to deliver it later immediatly. You can delete any stored content of your surces after you've verified your website on FlashBeing. Please keep in mind that deleting a content can lead to an important decrease of traffic, beacause it will be completely removed form all Saved, Collected... lists of all FlashBeing's users.
How often will FlashBeing's fetcher retrieve my sources?
We fetch your sources each time an user requests them, except when a source receives too much hits in a short period of time. In that case we cache its data from 1 minute up to 1 hour.
Are all fetch requests served from the same IP?
No, FlashBeing is distributed on several machines to scale and improve performance. The best way to identify FlashBeing's fetcher is to use its identifiable user-agent.
Do you support push feeds?
Yes, if you like to push us directly your data instead of letting FlashBeing's fetcher to grab it, please contact us at
It's possibile to include ads in my sources/feeds?
Yes, visit our business area for more.
Need more help?
Contact us
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