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Adverise on FlashBeing
FlashBeing allows to include ads managed by you in your contents. 100% of the revenue is yours. Currently only Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are supported with the following restrictions:
  • Links of adds are static. It's not possibile to change them after their first delivery.
  • It's not possibile to include ads as iframes.
  • On contents that are only an image or a title with a short description, ads will be removed. To include ads you need to publish full articles.
Choose your format
For the best ads inclusion we recommend to use the Connected Web feed format, which supports natively the Advertising body element.

Both RSS and Atom formats are also supported, but less costumizable.

Learn more
Banned behaviours
If you cheat on ads inclusion or include too many ads, your website will be banned from FlashBeing. The following behaviours are strictly forbidden:
  • Create single image contents which are an ad.
  • Include too many ads in a short text. You mast at least leave 400 characters from an add to another.
  • Include ads as animated gifs.
  • Include ads in an uncovnetional way which does not follow our guidelines.
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